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Black Sheep Wrap Sweater

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30% Off Off Your First Order(Discount Code: OFF3
Vital Statistics
  • Designed for the black sheep of the family.
  • Made of wool from ultra-rare (really!) black sheep.
  • Features supremely cozy cuffs with thumbholes.
  • Secures at the waist with a button closure.
  • Goes great with any steaming beverage.
  • DID YOU KNOW? Black-sheep wool ranges from gray to brown.

Sizing Guide

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Large - X-Large

Just A Little Different. Just Like You


Every family has its black sheep. But does every black sheep have her very own sweater?

She does now. Our snuggly Black Sheep Wrap Sweater is knit from all-natural wool from actual black sheep, so we can leave it blissfully undyed and untreated. (Authentic black wool, in case you were wondering, actually ranges from gray to brown.)

Because these ovine outcasts represent a teensy fraction of the world’s sheep population, there’s precious little black wool to go around. It’s so rare, in fact, hardly anyone even bothers using it. So when we say the Black Sheep Wrap Sweater is distinctly different, we really mean it!

Of course, we can get our hands on only so much black wool every year. These sweaters are knit in very small batches, and they never stick around for long. Order yours while you can.